Hey Girl: A Study in Handsomeness

A few days ago, I was walking to a class and couldn’t help but eavesdrop on overhear the conversation of two nearby guys.  I don’t recall their exact words, but they were discussing men who are “undeniably handsome”, examples being: Ryan Gosling and Sean Connery.  I think we could add Brad Pitt to that list.  But it led me to wondering — what makes some people so universally attractive?

Let’s examine our examples for physical similarities:

Long nose, defined jaw/chin, good head-neck ratio, fairly broad forehead, ears not sticking out; These make sense, but there plenty of other men who share the same characteristics but who aren’t necessarily universally handsome. Let’s do some profiling now.

Ryan Gosling:

  • A lot of women fell in love with him in The Notebook
  • Dreamy & charming & funny
  • Cool accent
  • Sings/was a Mouseketeer
  • Hot bod
  • Beautiful profile (thank you Drive)
  • Great actor

Sean Connery:

  • James Bond (major factor)
  • Look at that smile
  • Luscious locks
  • Pretty nice bod himself
  • The accent

Eureka! It seems that it’s not just the physical appearance that makes these men beautiful; it’s also talent, personality (charisma!), and symbolism.

Sean Connery will forever be James Bond, the handsomest & coolest of spies.  Every person who’s played Bond has a kind of allure, even if they’re not quite as handsome as Sean Connery.  Maybe it’s the suits, maybe it’s the gadgets, maybe it’s the animal magnetism.  Who knows.

Ryan Gosling is an adorable dreamboat who can also kick ass, as he’s shown in The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, and Drive.   He’s also wonderfully self-deprecating and clever.  Plus, he’s Canadian.

And that’s what makes them beautiful.