Daniel Craig as 007/in drag for 2011 International Women’s Day, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood

I initially watched the video because I saw screenshots from it and wanted to see why Daniel Craig was dressed up like a woman. I love the idea of having M (the ever-wonderful Judi Dench) ask James Bond — known for his misogyny, his habitual sleeping around with women — what his life would be like if HE were a woman. He then stands in a woman’s shoes (and more) as M goes through a few unfortunate facts re: inequality, and the need for feminism.

So like I mentioned, I think it was brilliant to have James Bond learn the lesson, because if James Bond — ultimate misogynist and playboy — can stand in the shoes of women, then every man should too.

Then I scrolled down to the comments, expecting to see comments applauding Craig and Dench, or making arguments for feminism.

Instead, the most liked comments are:


“This is utter tripe.

Women are not men and will never be capable of what men can do – thus feminization is the only way equalization can proceed. Feminism is tall poppy syndrome on the level of the sexes.”


“I was about to say; Sean Connery wouldn’t put up with this shit.”


These are the most-liked comments on a video promoting feminism and gender equality.  And honestly, the rest aren’t that different.

But you know what? They’ve just proven (not that there wasn’t enough proof already) what Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Sam Taylor-Wood, and many many others are saying—


The world needs feminism.